Tuesday, May 22, 2007


""Flight"": I think might be related to the question of if there can be desire without expectation. This question was posed (I think in this form, apologies to the former, if this is distorted) late in a long day at a bar called the Rush Inn (I heard "the Russian"), and at the end of a conversation about fascism and what forms the conservative revolution takes in the contemporary world. Flighting and fighting present a limit for thinking about natural instincts. It is kind of a fun and interesting thing to consider the world as sorted into them and divided by them and accordingly governed by them or their forces, more generally--but I think that what has been getting me recently not at all that I don't think about the problems with them, or that I don't think about the other things that could replace these naturalized instincts--fright, foresight, feint--but that I haven't been thinking long enough or in enough detail about the differences that emerge between flight and fight, between any of these things--what these things are, or look like, what their universe consists of--but this might be something like the tissue-thin experientiality of the hypnosee, the fantasy of immediacy. Is that the relation to desire and expectation?

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albane said...

...smile... and here we are not talking about transportation i read. for me a lot lately has been about formulating the preference as desire and not focusing so much --i.e., almost at all, on the obtaining or meeting of it [see expectation]. that process has brought carnal satisfaction to the flesh and relieved a large part of stress/frustration as it has successfully encapsuled the NOW. what it would be like though for stated/expressed desires to be fulfilled might be an upcoming thinking theme.