Sunday, May 6, 2007


dear claude,
if these letters seem to be written to you or to be written about you, you are probably right for thinking so. claude is the name of person x, and also the name of the stuffed bird that lydia and becky bought for me in mexico. so claude, i must apologize if you see through the thin fiction of these postings--they were never meant for your eyes. if you have found them it is because of your own hidden desire to do so. i point this out because i know it is there; there have been times where i can see it--your hidden desire, manifest in many ways. i would not be one, as you know (if it is you i am writing to), to talk about hidden desire. but how? could? you? have?, claude? is a question. you, a silent songbird, a stuffed sexy-tailed sparrow,
yours if you can answer,

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albane said...

...piou, piou, piouuu, ou, ou... claudette has found the letters and there WILL be some trouble arising soon --see: June Patton Praddle issue for the details of the feud.