Friday, October 12, 2007

identity threat

Craters of the Moon National Monument: where the "them" are spatter cones.
Talking with friends last night about irony (thanks to Alanis Morisette for providing the the procative lyrics that were inspiration for the conversation—something about rain and wedding day), we struggled to define irony itself. This arose from the observation that the incidents Morisette mentions do not qualify as irony because they do not involve the thwarting of intention and are instead just “bad things” that happen. It seemed that, in some way, the not knowing had to be related to intention--as if the incongruity between what was expected and what actually happened needed, nonetheless, an active agent. What is irony with this idea that in some way, without your knowing, you contribute to your downfall?

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RT said...

the self has to be divided in order for there to be irony?

isn't it ironic that "Isn't it ironic" isn't ironic? despite her intentions. ;>